What are Interactive Events?

Interactive Events are custom events that use technology to capture your customers imagination and leave a lasting impression of your brand.  

Event Marketing

Simply the best way to stay on your customers mind.  Hosting an event has the best potential to grab your customers attention and think of your company when they are ready to buy.  Announcing the event, sending invites, growing attendees, hosting and event follow-up needs to be targeted and use the right technology to capture the customer information you need.

3D Characters Attendance

Using "Real-Time Animation" Motus can have your 3D Character attend your event.  From announcing your next game title, to having your branded character answer Q&A at your shareholder meeting, you don't want the face of your company to miss the big show.

Interactive Experiences

Although we are not at liberty to discuss our current projects, we feel it is important to include a section that talks about our aptitude for using groundbreaking technologies in a creative way. Whether you want to create an augmented window to prehistoric times, an interactive greeter that captures contact information or implement motion tracking technology into a permanent installation, we have the knowledge, creativity, and aptitude to make it happen.  

Event Basics & Staff

Not only can Motus Digital help with all technical aspect of your event, we can also handle the nuts and bolts so you do not have to worry about a thing.  We have worked with a wide variety of event staff that can make almost anything happen.  
  • Audio Visual Personnel
  • Disk Jockeys
  • Projection Mapping Artists
  • Event Space Rentals
  • Stage Creation
  • Fire Artists


Our Interactive Event Services can be used in a wide array of applications and we would love to talk to you about your unique needs.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the events we have hosted and the ways we can help you.