A Leader in Motion Capture Technology

Motus Digital is a Motion Capture service provider for Video Games, Television, Film and New Media.  With a Vicon Motion Capture System we record our actors movements and apply them to any CG Character.  We deliver Character Animations that are ready to use in game engines such as Unity, Unreal, or CryTek, and 3D software packages like such as Maya, Max, or XSI.

Motus Digital blends technology and creativity to deliver the highest quality Character Animation while providing a very personalized, professional, hands-on service that is customized to each client's project.  If would like to learn more about using Motion Capture for your next project, feel free to Contact Us at (972) 379-7207 and we will answer any questions that you have.

Motus Digital Services

We offer a range of animation and development services to aid in your production pipeline.
  • Motion Capture​ / Character Animation
    • Body Capture
    • Facial Capture
    • Preformance Capture
    • Finger Capture
    • Stock Animation
  • Real-Time Animation
    • Interactive Animation Streaming
    • Branded Characters
    • Episodic Content
    • Instant Video Messages
    • Pre-Vizualization
  • Creative Development
    • ​Unity 3d
    • Mobile Development
    • Motion Capture Pipeline Tools
    • Interactive Digital Media
  • Production Services
    • Motion Data Processing
    • Retargeting / Solving
    • Animation Editing (Looping, Pose Matching, Scene Setup)
    • Animation / Motion Capture Rigging