Motion Capture 3D Character Animation Services


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Our Philosophy

Motus Digital specializes in recording the movements of actors and seamlessly applying them to 3D characters. Our expertise is in Motion Capture 3D Character Animation for Game Development and CG Production. Our portfolio boasts a wide range of projects, including national commercials, AAA games, as well as thousands of indie projects through "". No matter the size of the project, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. With our headquarters originally in Dallas, Texas, our team now operates out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, collaborating with talented animators, riggers, game developers, 3D artists, and other mocap service providers from around the world.


At Motus Digital, we offer 3D  Mocap Animation available both online and for custom projects. Our team uses Motionbuilder, Maya, and Faceware to bring your characters to life.  Whether you're a game developer, animation studio, Indie film maker or an individual with a passion project, Motus Digital can help with you MoCap needs. 

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